Climate Security Expert Network

The Climate Security Expert Network (CSEN), comprising some 30 international experts based around the globe, is a hub for research on the linkages between climate and security, the effects of climate change on security and responses to these issues. CSEN supports the Group of Friends on Climate and Security and the Climate Security Mechanism of the UN system by synthesising scientific knowledge and expertise, advising on entry points for building resilience to climate-security risks, and helping to strengthen a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities of addressing climate-related security risks. The network is supported by a grant from the German Federal Foreign Office; the Secretariat of CSEN is run by the Berlin-based think tank adelphi.

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Meet the Experts

CSEN reports are written by experts with extensive local expertise on the region in question and go through an international peer review process. The experts either come from the region or have years of experience working there. CSEN is continuously expanding, with more experts joining and ensuring even better regional representation. MORE

Climate Security at the UN Security Coucil - A Short History

CSEN experts contribute to political engagement with climate-related security risks in a variety of international fora. Our synthesis presents an introduction to how the UN Security Council – a focus point for CSEN – has engaged with climate-related security risks up to now. READ MORE HERE

Publications - Climate Security & the UN Bodies

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