Climate Security - Frequently Asked Questions

“The risks associated with climate-related disasters do not represent a scenario of some distant future. They are already a reality for millions of people around the globe – and they are not going away.”

Rosemary di Carlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs

But why is climate change a matter of concern for international peace and security and how should the UN system deal with climate-related security risks?

There are many common questions about the climate-security nexus, and the CSEN experts have compiled a short Q&A to answer the seven most common ones:

  1. Why is climate change a UN Security Council concern?
  2. How is climate change a threat to security?
  3. What are the risks of inaction?
  4. Why is addressing climate impacts important when a country is in the midst of a conflict?
  5. Is the scientific evidence on whether climate change causes conflict sufficient to justify action?
  6. Does the UNSC encroach on the UNFCCC’s mandate by acting on climate risks? And how should the UN system deal with these risks?
  7. What action exactly should the UNSC take?


Why is climate change a UN Security Council concern?


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