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Here you can find all publications written by CSEN experts.

All CSEN reports go through an international peer review process.

Regional Risk Briefs & Factsheets

The risk briefs analyse the most pressing climate-security risks in a certain region, as well as entry points for responses. Their content is summarised in the factsheets. You can trust they are written by somebody with real local expertise about the region in question. CSEN experts either come from the region or have years of experience working there.

The Arctic

Marisol Maddox, 2021


Oli Brown, 2019

  • Risk Brief
  • Factsheet
  • Listen to our Podcast with CSEN expert Oli Brown, author of the climate-fragility Risk Brief Afghanistan. 

The Caribbean

Carlos Fuller, Hannah Elisabeth Kurnoth and Beatrice Mosello, 2020


Milen Yishak, 2019

Jordan, Palestine and Israel

Giulia Giordano and Lukas Rüttinger, 2021

Latin America and the Caribbean

Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Lukas Rüttinger, 2020

Versión en español


Matthew Brubacher, 2021


Chitra Nagarajan, 2020

Version française


Nisha Pandey, Lukas Rüttinger and Susanne Wolfmaier, 2020

North Africa and Sahel

Oli Brown, 2020

Version française

Northern Central America

adelphi, 2020

Versión en español


Pacific Islands Region

Coral Pasisi, 2019

The Sahel

Oli Brown, Janani Vivekananda and Johanna Dieffenbacher, 2021

Southern Africa

Ottilia Anna Maunganidze. Co-authored by Janna Greve and Hannah Elisabeth Kurnoth, 2021

South Asia

Dhanasree Jayaram, 2019


Adrian Foong, Benjamin Pohl and Lukas Rüttinger, 2020

Policy Papers

CSEN also provides policy papers and other analysis around climate change, conflict, and foreign policy. These papers contribute to the debate and add vital context to the regional risk briefs.

Climate Change and Security in the United Nations Assistance Mission to Somalia

Christophe Hodder, 2021

Spreading Disease, Spreading Conflict? COVID-19, Climate Change and Security Risks

Beatrice Mosello, Adrian Foong, Christian König, Susanne Wolfmaier and Emily Wright, 2020

Listen to our podcast with the authors of the publication here.

CSEN Expert Roundtable 2021: Event Summary

Read up on our expert discussion on the future of climate and security at the UN.

Climate Change in the UN Peacebuilding Commission and Fund

Lukas Rüttinger, 2020

How Can UN Organs Respond to Climate-Security Risks?

Christian König and Janani Vivekananda, 2020

What Can the UN Security Council Do on Climate Change and Security?

Janani Vivekananda, Adam Day and Susanne Wolfmaier, 2020

Listen to our podcast related to this topic here. In this podcast, Oli Brown, UN expert and Chatham House Associate Fellow, explains some of the challenges that the UN Security Council has had in tackling climate change and outlines the prospects for action in the future.

Europe and Climate Security: Is Europe Delivering on its Rhetoric?

Oli Brown, Anne Le More and Julie Raasteen, 2020

Climate Change and Security in the Horn Of Africa: Can Europe Help to Reduce the Risks?

Sagal Abshir, 2020

Linking Adaptation and Peacebuilding: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Beatrice Mosello and Lukas Rüttinger, 2019 (revised 2020)

The Climate Change-Conflict Connection: The Current State of Knowledge

Beatrice Mosello, Lukas Rüttinger and Liesa Sauerhammer, 2019